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Climbers of NYC - Andres Burgos

Climbers of NYC - Andres Burgos

All Photos by Andres Burgos

Climbers of NYC is a black and white photographic series investigating climbers in New York City. I chose to focus on photographing the subjects in a make shift studio in the lost and found section of the gym instead of photographing them while climbing. This allowed me to capture my fellow climbers in a relaxed environment after experiencing a state of extreme energy. The gym gives climbers an opportunity to reflect on their projects, breathing, and allows them to let go of the day’s weight. While climbing we are finally in the present moment, a state so hard to achieve in our hyper connected age.

The series started as an investigation and interrogation of this mediative state and the liberty that comes with it. I started getting more curious about my fellow climbers’ personalities and stories and through the project I came to know the many different reasons why people start climbing. Each subject had a wonderful individual story that I wanted to commemorate in the series of portraits. 

Climbing helps us cope with whatever life throws at us, the bad and the good, and all the beautiful in-betweens. Climbing lifts outside and inside demands and forces us to simply focus on the path ahead. Each climber, including myself, has been able to face his or her fears by tackling paths and heights that we never thought we could. This shared experience is what creates the trust that comes with moments of deep unspoken joy and frustration because although we climb together and have supporters cheering us on, the last distance must be done alone. 

The route doesn’t care what your gender is, sexuality, race, culture, status at work—it is there to make you face your purest self. 


Andres Burgos is a New York City based fashion and portrait photographer/director. His work concentrates on bringing out his subjects style, beauty, and culture. To view more of his work, please visit his website and follow him on Instagram @elandres22.


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Kyle Olsen commented on 27-Sep-2015 09:10 AM5 out of 5 stars
Come by The Cliffs in Long Island City to see the series! Opening night is October 2nd @ 8pm, top out a boulder and enjoy some awesome images courtesy of Andres Burgos.

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